Whirlwind 21

Whirlwind 21 1.4.5

Entertaining combination of blackjack and solitaire

A clone of a web-based game, Whirlwind 21 is a solitaire version of blackjack played with 5 piles. Add cards to each pile to make 21 and score points. The game ends when you cannot place a card without exceeding 21.

How to play

  • To start a game go to File->New or click the button in the menu bar

  • Try to place the card from the next card pile onto one of the 5 piles on the board to make 21 points

  • When there are no moves left, the game is over

  • Records the highest score


  • 21 points for a blackjack

  • Value of the hand for a "5 Card Charlie"

  • 35 points for a natural (2 card) blackjack

  • 45 point bonus for clearing the board

  • 60 point bonus for going through the entire deck

Orientation and VGA aware, Whirlwind 21 is also available for PocketPC 2002 devices.

Whirlwind 21


Whirlwind 21 1.4.5